Increased potency in men, natural ways

There are many methods of recovery of erectile function... But how to increase male potency natural ways? Start to eat right, exercise and not to be subjected to stressful situations. The details next!

General information

Correction of sexual function in a natural way - not a myth. However, these can really help only in case of minor problems with male power. And immediately restore the potency is unlikely. A lot here depends on different factors.

Potency in men

The main ones:

  • The age of the man. I did not say, but 30-year-old representative of the stronger sex is easier to raise the same level of testosterone in the blood than men, which is already 60. By the way, until what age is naturally the potency of the - previously described.
  • The cause of the disorder. If the problem arose on the background of emotional stress, the chance of a successful correction of the potency of the natural methods is much higher than in the presence of any organic lesions of.
  • The General condition of the body. People who have a "bouquet" of chronic diseases, much harder using natural methods correction of status of any system of the body, including sexual.
  • The health of blood vessels. Microcirculation in the penis directly depends on the patency of the blood paths. If people suffer from progressive atherosclerosis, he most likely still need medical assistance to achieve increase potency.
  • A way of life. Much easier to carry out the improvement of sexual activity people who do not suffer from bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

Considering all these factors, it becomes clear that the increase potency in men natural ways – rather laborious process that requires a responsible attitude to their own body.

Proper nutrition and potency

When it comes to drug treatment of erectile dysfunction one of the most important aspects of its success remains the rationalization of the daily menu. To enhance libido and overall sexual activity need to eat a balanced. In the diet should be present vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, cereals.

Nothing unusual in this set, the main thing is to avoid (if possible) fried and smoked food and to eat on schedule. Fast food and convenience food are not good friends of potency. They contribute to the blockage of blood vessels atherosclerotic plaques and cause weakening of the microcirculation in the pelvic organs.


In addition to these traditional recommendations, it is necessary to enter in the daily menu the following products:

  • Nuts and honey. In complex use these natural treats quickly to restore sexual activity and most importantly eating them regularly.
  • Seafood. Fish, oysters, squid sources of zinc and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are responsible for elasticity of blood vessels and normalization of spermatogenesis.
  • Camel stomach (cicurina). One of the unique products that can instantly increase the potency in men in a natural way. Is the most powerful natural aphrodisiac which is very effective. However, to use it in a specially processed form, and to buy the product is not always easy.

Proper nutrition is one of the ways to restore sexual activity without intervention of chemicals.

In addition to streamlining the menu, very important is the fight against excess weight. Adipose tissue has the ability to produce special biologically active substances which are antagonists to testosterone. The result of their influence is a sharp decrease in the number of androgen with the development of typical disorders and symptoms.

To prevent this, it is recommended to enroll in the gym and in parallel to consult a nutritionist. Thus, the work in the shortest possible time to restore normal body weight and to improve potency in a natural way.

Special exercises

When it comes to the question of how to increase male potency natural ways the first thing that comes to mind: "to do special loads in a simultaneous application of methods of manual therapy".

And for good reason. After all, with daily practice of proper exercises can significantly improve sperm quality, increase libido, and to restore microcirculation in the pelvic organs.

Methods of physical influence on the reproductive system:

  1. Squats for potency. Run almost as usual, but when reaching the position of a partial squat you need to stay in it for a few seconds. The back is upright. This simple load perfectly strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and promotes a rush of large amounts of blood to the organs of the reproductive system.
  2. One of the kegels. A generic method normalize blood circulation in the area of genitals, both for men and for women. The essence of the training is to alternate tension and relaxation of the muscle which raises the penis (especially for men), and anal sphincter. Next you need to compress the muscles, keeping them in this state for a few seconds. The longer you manage to do it, the better. With this physical activity significantly strengthens the muscles responsible for erection is provided a sharp rush of blood to the pelvic organs.
  3. A variety of bevels, the rotation of the pelvis, lunges. All physical activities that involve the groin area are useful for potency.

We should also mention testicular massage to increase potency. The way that individual cases will help in quite a short time to restore erectile function in men. Effective in mild and in severe problems. Its essence lies in the impact of massage on the external genitals and stimulate the functioning of testicles. Due to this effect increases amounts of testosterone, which positively affects sexual activity men.

A healthy lifestyle and erection

In addition to proper nutrition and regular physical activity, one of the most important aspects of the stabilization of the reproductive system and the whole body is the rejection of bad habits.

Young people often do not think about the consequences that await them after years of Smoking and drinking alcohol. However, these factors are considered the most harmful to the health of the reproductive system of men.

Nicotine – the most potent natural enemy. No wonder they say that just a drop thereof can kill a horse. Contributes to narrowing of the lumen of all blood vessels in the human body, significantly impairing the microcirculation. The most threatening consequences of such influence be heart attack and stroke. The first symptom of impaired blood supply in the body - just the same the development of erectile dysfunction.

With timely Smoking cessation can completely restore potency. The main thing – to want change.

As for alcohol, in small quantities and with good quality it does not cause any particularly adverse consequences for the organism. But, as practice shows, most of the activities over the uncontrolled use of alcohol. This leads to the liver. Because of this, it is not capable of producing needed to build testosterone a substrate. As a result, reduces the amount hormone and sexual activity. Therefore, alcohol should be consumed wisely.

Stress management

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction remains nervous overstrain. Modern man is constantly working and is under the influence of the authorities, which quite often is a strong emotional stress.

Of course, no need to stop working. However, where possible it is advisable to review their priorities in life and try a little different to perceive an unpleasant situation. Often it is very difficult, but it's something to strive for.

In addition, to reduce stress, you can take a small vacation, to go on a trip. After a hard day's recommended to go to relax with friends or even just to take a hot bath. Any activity that contributes to the shift in the attention of men with his problems in more pleasant moments, remains the best antidepressant.

The ineffectiveness of all these aspects, you can enroll to a therapist. He will be able to find the true cause of the problem and advise how to solve it.

Based on the above it can be concluded that natural ways to increase potency in men, there are. In most cases, their effective use will need a great desire for change, which must come from the representative of the stronger sex. Everything you need from men – want to!