Experience in the use of El Macho

This story I decided to share with us Ivanka from Dobrich (Bulgaria). A woman told about her husband's problem and told about how a drop of to increase potency El Macho gave them a second honeymoon.

Experience in the use of El Macho

My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years. In sex at us never was problems. Somehow from the very beginning was the perfect match for each other in intimate terms. After the birth of the first child, we couldn't even wait for the doctor sexual intimacy. After my second child was born our enthusiasm in bed temporarily subsided as I gained weight. Not that the husband didn't want me slightly full I was embarrassed, so I decided to bring the figure in order. Few months diet and regular fitness classes bore fruit – I got into shape, and my complexes gradually left, so that the quality of sexual life returned to its previous level.

As we began to have problems in bed

After about 3 years I began to notice that we have deteriorated the sex, both in terms of quality and in terms of regularity. After work her husband came and lay down on the sofa and took a long vacation. I stopped hearing from him compliments, we have a missing joint leisure, and before bed all I could from him to wait for – max a kiss on the cheek. I thought that perhaps, ceased to attract your man physically, because over the years has gained up to 15 pounds. That's why I decided to go with a friend to the gym.

For six months my body has become noticeably firmer, the extra weight almost completely gone (was a little the sides and belly, but this is more age-related problems that could not be fixed). I thought that as I lose weight my husband will improve and sex life, but I was wrong. Husband still didn't want me. For a mistress I'm not even worried, because I have strict conservative, and hates even the sweet conversation "on the side".

Then I updated the closet, went to the beauty salon, but besides the compliment I got nothing. My friends began to say that maybe sex was not interested in him because of the routine that maybe he lacks variety and freshness of feelings. But all my attempts to bring something new in sex life has been completely suppressed. Then I decided that the problem is really serious, so I decided to close talk.

When the kids were at grandma's for the weekend, I made a Frank conversation. I was not going to file for divorce, but decided to scare her husband that, to somehow shake him. The husband was very scared and began to convince me that he has no one, that I am the best and only in his life a woman. Then I began to press him to find out what's the problem? He did not want to say, but the prospect of divorce forced him to admit that he has problems with potency. Not that an erection disappeared altogether, but has become very rare and mild. On the one hand, I was glad that the reason for the lack of sex in our family – really not a mistress, but on the other hand was upset by the disbelief of her husband and of course scared of his health, because he is still a relatively young man.

Drops El Macho the best means to increase potency

I will not even write, how hard I had to persuade him to visit a doctor, but still I did it. In General, the doctor recommended less nervous, stop Smoking and fewer to overload yourself with too high physical exertion (my husband worked as a welder, and by occupation he had to raise a lot of weights). Also the doctor prescribed drops El Machothat would help to cure him of men's health. To quit Smoking and the husband refused, so just drink a drop for him was no problem. The drug was natural and harmless, so I was sure about the absence of contraindications and side effects, although I doubted about effectiveness.

For the first 3 days no changes I noticed, so have time to be upset, but on the fourth day, to my surprise before bed, my husband began to pester me in bed. The sex was not very good and not very long, but moral satisfaction from the fact that intimacy happened, made me very happy. The following day we had another sexual encounter that I will remember forever: I was so emotional that the younger son at Breakfast said, "Mom, you have a sore tooth? You were moaning so loudly at night that I woke up and I felt sorry for you". It was the best compliment my husband!

The sex was daily, so we decided for a while to be alone to the maximum to enjoy each other. As the kids had summer vacation, we sent them to grandparents for 3 whole weeks, and have experienced a second honeymoon! My husband said that so I wanted that counting minutes when the working day is over and he'll be back home in my arms. Such the hot sex we had before the wedding! We even managed to implement all the advice my friends in terms of how to diversify the sexual life.

A month after taking the drops El Macho husband stopped drinking, and sex, of course, was a little less (it's for the best, because full sexual satisfaction we would have had to send their children to the grandmother for good), but the quality and duration we are all happy.

Remembering how I suffered from lack of attention from her husband, and how we managed to get rid of his problem, I decided to write our story so that other couples do not hurry to divorce, to suspect each other of infidelity, but just spoke openly about their problems and solved them together. Causes of disorders of potency may be many (both physical and psychological), but there is one effective remedy is drops El Macho. I can say that the drug works 100%, because we were convinced on personal experience!